The imposing Castillo de Mandl is surrounded, not only by a magnificent geography but also a fascinating history full of legends
The Castillo was first built by Bartolomé Vasallo M.D., from the city of Rosario, who built it as his summer residence. At the time the structure had towers and buttresses and was popularly known as “the fortress”. Ten years later the Castillo was bought by the Austrian aristocrat Fritz Mandl, who arrived in Argentina seeking refuge from the, at the time, dangerous Europe. With an avant-garde vision Mandl decided to restyle the Castillo according to the modernistic movements of the period. The interior furnishings have the  influence of the unmistakable style of French designer Jean-Michel Frank, a passionate advocate of 2oth century minimalism, Diego Giacometti and furniture from the prestigious Casa Comte. All reminders of “the fortress” where eliminated achieving a more unique and modern style typical  of the 40’s. From then on many European personalities: nobles, politicians as well as militaries spent time at the Castillo while Mr. Mandl was there. After his death in Vienna in 1977 the Castillo stayed closed for long periods of time until its recent restoration. The goal of this endeavor was to regain the splendor of yesteryears in every corner of the residence, taking care of every single detail. Since December of 2006 the Castillo has become an elegant residence that offers its guests the pleasure of enjoying its splendid architecture and its traditional charm.